Eat like a king in the morning

Good morning, world! Or it´s perhaps a bit late to say that, but we actually ate our breakfast a few minutes ago. Some days of the year, I feel I got chores up over my head, like days before final exams for instance. Well, the exams aren´t until June, but still today are one of those days where I got so much to do that I don´t even know where to start. Aksel can obviously feel I´m a bit stressed, and as the sensible and well-balanced man he is, he says: “So you got much to do today. There´s only one thing to do, and that´s one thing at the time. But before that, we need to enjoy our Sunday breakfast together.”

Men! Sometimes, the simple way of thinking proves to be the best. As we sat on each side of our table, I could feel the calmness sink, and I suddenly noticed the lovely Sunday music coming out of our radio. This was a lovely Sunday morning after all. Speaking of loveliness, let´s talk about food. We planned on making “school buns” yesterday with vanilla cream and icing sugar, until we came home and realised we didn´t have any yeast (gjær). Luckily Aksel noticed a recommended recipe for muffins with vanilla cream on the back of the vanilla cream container (yes, I´m aware, what a well-written English sentence *hehe*), so we went for that. It wasn´t too bad, but it wasn´t great either. On a dice from 1 to 6, we agreed on 4.
Well, I can see the clock ticking on the computer, it suddenly reminds me of today´s chores.. I better go and continue checking them out on my list so I´ll have a time for a long family walk with the dog later. <3  Talk to you later! Wish you all a happy Sunday, enjoy! :-)


  • Reply January 27, 2013

    Elin Kingsrød

    Hahaha, elsker at du har stemplet “approved” på bildet! Helt perfekt i helgen asså, PERFEKT!

    • Reply January 28, 2013


      Hehe, ja den passet veldig inn :D

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