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Good morning, tweeties! How are the lovely people of the world today? Saturday morning, the sun is shining and we are smiling? :-) Well, here you can see my breakfast table. It´s weird how one day I can eat just about everything that comes my way, and then suddenly I turn 180 degrees and nothing seems as tempting as it looks like.. Either way, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it all just had to go down somehow, especially since I´m planning on going for the last run og the week.



Oh, and I also want to mention that I´ve made myself an account on weheartit. Since that website is one of my favourite sources of inspiration, I thought why not publish/heart my own photos on the website. If you want to visit it, click HERE. Do you have an account? :-)


Taking photos is so much fun, but seeing the photos on the website doubles the joy, in some weird kind of way. Because I sometimes gets surprised by my own photos, and especially with them out there in the world wide web, I´ve caught myself thinking, whaat, did I really take that shot, did I edit that? :D

Well enough about that, I´ve got to go back to the real world, the apartment looks crazy again and need some shining. I got to do some schoolwork later so I need cleaness around me to be able to consentrate.. Talk to you later, have a wonderful Saturday! :-)


  • Reply February 9, 2013


    Actually, breakfast is not as important as you might think. ;-) Food is important – what and how much you eat. But when and how frequent – not so much. :-) Eat when you are hungry – that’s my best advice.

    That said – your breakfast table looks so cute!

    • Reply February 9, 2013


      Oh, is that so? I´ve always been told that it is.
      I´ve also read somewhere that it´s best to eat small/medium portions frequently to get the body and the body burns (forbrenning?) on a routine? But then again, I can´t recall where I got this information/how credible the source was and I don´t got any education when it comes to this subject either ;p

      Thank you:-)!

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