Love for mint colour

This colour is usually loved by my mother, ever since I was a little child. And I haven´t given the colour much attention, as I thought this was a horrible, horribly colour. What on earth could be so great about it? Well, as mother as daughter. I now officially love the colour. I look at it as a fresh, feminine and sophisticated but at the same time cool colour. And of course, my Lulu´s toiletbag just had to be of this colour. I´ve longed for one for over a year now, but Aksel has made me wait since he thinks the price is a bit too much for his taste. But the longer I wait, the longer he gets annoyed with me taking up all his space on his toilet bags. So finally, he surprised me with this lovely mintlove! Coverbrands has lowered the ordinary price (at least for now), + they have free shipping, so I guess the man wanted to strike before I use the rest of his little spare space .. :p Anyways, I am so glad, I´ve dreamt of owning this for so long <3! It is exactly as I dreamt it would be, the colour, the large space, I am completely in love all over again. And yes. Material happiness equals so stupid.

DSC_0072e collage3a


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