Blue skies on are never wrong on a Sunday

Good morning, beautiful smileyfaces :-) How are we on this beautiful morning? This was my breakfast today as we watched two episodes of “Modern Family”. Of course, no one else than Elmoon himself has introduced us for this tv-serie. He made us try out “Suits” as well as “Prison Break”, and we were all hooked. Anyways, the sky is bluer than ever, so we plan on going out for a little ski-trip in the woods for the main purposee of making a fire :D Just hope we get Elmoon to come along, he´s so lazy when it comes to these things. But then again, last time we got him to come along, Aksel made us make a fire basically in town from where we could almost see our apartment :p But first thing´s first on a Sunday, especially now that Aksel has his weekend off: Sunday mass. I got to go and get ready, I still got my sleepy face, sleepy hair and sleepy clothes on. Talk to you guys later, have a splendid Sunday, all! :-)


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