Anywhere can be paradise. It´s all up to you

Good morning :-) *that feeling when you wake up and can se clear blue sky from the bedroom window* But then again, knowing that this day must de dedicated to finish at least one of your school papers.. Such a lovely weather outside! I clearly live on the right side of Mjøsa ;-) I envy those of you that are currently in a cabin in the woods, or just out skiing, I would do just about anything to be one of you guys. But there´s no point in pushing this task forward, if I use my time wisely I can enjoy the last part of my easter vacation without feeling any guilt. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a small dose of happiness itself ;-) The apartment looks as bombed as it did yesterday before cleaning, so here we go again :-) But first thing´s first: this PEL school paper will be checked out today!..




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