Travel back in time

I have really fallen in love with the vintage effect on the photos, I find them much more charming in a way :-) They make me feel as if I´m travelling back in time.

We took around 300 photos from our trip across Mjøsa today, but I found a few favourites I want to share with you. The weather was exceptional, I couldn´t have wished for a nicer skiing-for-the-first-time-this-year-day. We went from Koigen to Ottestad, it was around 4km althogether, but we used around 2 hours. We had to stop every five minutes to enjoy the view and take some pictures + we had to slow down the speed sometimes in order to not overrunning Lola. Even though this isn´t too far, Lola was too good at walking tight beside us today. Of course when have skis on, she wish to walk up close to us, but usually she thinks she´s a sleddog.. And she still walk as a puppy: from the left to the right and suddenly she wants to cross over again from right to left -right in front of your skis.

collage1 collage2 collage3

We´ve otherwise spent 2 more hours at the gym today as well, so I feel pretty certain I worked out all the junk I´ve been eating during the holiday. My body feels quite dead, so I don´t exactly understand why people say they get more energy from working out. If it´s true though, I´m still waiting patiently..

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