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Hey guys :-) I didn´t have time to make any morning posts since I almost was dragged out of bed in order to eat breakfast in time to reach a workout at Espern before work.

Because of my knee, I still mostly do everything else besides the legs/thighs. Usually, I either follow a program made by Elmoon or Aksel, but it happens from time to time that I have to do a workout alone. If I don´t go for a run, I use the stepping machine. And if I´m tired of both of them, and don´t have Aksel og Elmoon around to use the other equipments, I usually go for my pink bestie, or do the usual circuit training and or the abs. You can see my “favourites” below, as my main goal is “only” to get in shape, so these are not too much of a biggie if your well trained already. But what´s great with these exercises, in my opinion, is that you only need a time watch and a kettlebell in order to go through with them. You don´t need to drag yourself all the way to the gym if you´re like me, that hates training alone at the gym (unless you´re on the treadmill or stepping machine, as mentioned earlier)..



Below are two other additional photos where some of the exercises I do are shown with a more explanating photo and information :-) For the workout with abs, I recommend uploading the “Ab workout” on your phone, which is for free. And last, the circuit training, I don´t think I need to recommend anything else than a great load of motivation :D Enjoy!



(Image. For a closer look at these exercises, click here.)


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    That kettlebell workout is GREAT! It’s not about how well trained your are – it’s about how much weight you ad – beginners kan use the 8kg KB like you. But as you progress the only thing you need to do is pick a heavier KB. :-) Great workout! Do this one for a couple of rounds (3-4 if you are trained) and your’e all set! :-)

    It’s sad to see you destroy your body with all the ab exercises – they are not good for you. But the cardio circuit is fine! :-) Good going girl!

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      You´re absolutely right, Alanna:D! I love KB training, I really opened my eyes for it after following sjokoladeugle´s blog.
      How come aren´t the ab exercises good:?
      Thank you for a great and motivational comment, I really appreciate it:D
      Have a wonderful training week, Alanna! :-)

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