Paradise on the balcony

The clock hasn´t struck three o´clock, yet I´m finished with the household chores, today´s workout, we´ve been at school printing all of the neccessary papers from our math subject this semester, showered, the dogs have been out again and we´ve lit the grill so our dinner is in the making, and of course the sun is up, so we´re tanning as well ;-) I´m in paradise right now! I mean, who wouldn´t be! I like to think it´s because I was a good girl and woke up to the alarm that was set to 8.00, as sooner the morning starts, the more effective you´ll be. At least in my case :-) Have fun in the sun, people! Lola also wanted to send her love, she looves sitting there, licking the sunbeams!


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