Cute, sweet, girly and pink with CocoPPa

Hello dear muffins and cutie pies :-) The day is so much better when your most boring chores of today are done and checked out. Aksel went grocery shopping earlier after becoming inspired by new recipes, only now with more healthy ingredients. His faithful dinner-companion is waiting with high expectations :-D And a following healthy dessert awaits as well, the feeling from top to toe is goodygood; and better did it l feel after transforming my home screen into this cute, sweet, girly and pink sight!
cocoYou download the app “CocoPPa” and finds the preffered icons you wish to use to make shortcuts (but remember, it´s important you don´t delete the original icons!). Genious for such pink suckers like me! And I´m sure I´m not the only one out there that finds inspiration even in small joys like this :-) <3

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