Stockholm I: Hej! Då!

Hello beautiful you :-)

First day in Stockholm completed! We´ve walked and walked and walked and walked, our feet are tired as *miiip*, but that is a good sign really, we can´t seem to get enough of the city, can´t wait for another day tomorrow! And one of the best things with traveling, is of course the hotel breakfast! :D Says THE foodmonster of all the world´s foodmonsters.. The hotel breakfast could almost be a reason alone to travel abroad!

Eleono, yes. It doesn´t even surprise me anymore. When does my name ever get spelled correctly?..


And of course my BFF, Nikon, has to come with us too, so I can develop my poor photographer skills, apparently just keeping the camera still can be hard from time to time.. :PDSC_0249

Arlanda express train: the time from the airport to Slussen took 20 minutes, and during that journey, Aksel was impressed with just about everything he saw: the look of the train, the speed of the train, buildings he saw outside and so on and so on and so on, he was a big smileyface for 20 minutes: han vil bli svenska nu! :D



Outside the castle:



Aksel was complimented for looking like Vin Diesel by some other tourists, while mom and I discovered how small we are compared to many door we passed by. Like mother small becomes a daughter small, I say!


With no doubt, the trip had to include a visit to the cathedral here. It was amazingly beautiful. I don´t exactly know how long we stayed here, but we sat down, really took a pause and let ourselves be fascinated and impressed. Like they say, perfection lies in the details and this place was nothing else than a place with loads of details. I wish we´d have such a beautiful church like this in our town back home.


The old town lies only a metro station ahead of us, so here was another mandatory visit during our stay. The whole place is full of high old buildings and surrouding cafès and restaurants. And this day will probably not be the only day we´re walking through here.


Then we “accidentally” turned up on the shopping streets, and hello Zara, hello Topshop, hello Åhlens, hello, hello and thank you and goodbye! collagets
After all the eyeshopping and walking and sightseeing and photographing, we just happened to find this chinese restaurant with a buffet: bam! One of the best chinese restaurants I´ve ever been to! Aksel and I went for 4 rounds with our plates, and mom went for about 5 rounds (it has to be mentioned that one of these rounds includes dessert.. ;-)). We sat and felt like three big balls sitting in a restaurant abroad, but gosh, what a food ride! We´re already planning another food trip there before taking off in a few days. Thumbs up, chinese food, you make truly make wonders!


When leaving the restaurant, one of the employers said “hej då!”, and I manage to say “hej! Ja! då!”. It doesn´t stop there, no, the second time someone is polite enough to say the qutest sentence in swedish to me, I then say “hei! (pause) då!”. How come I have such problems remembering the “då!”- part!? … It. Is. Apparently. Possible. I now know what Sherlock Holmes mean when saying “(…) don´t talk out load. You lower the IQ of the whole street.” …

Hei då!- a new personal goal tomorrow. Is that silliness itself, or not? Well we all have our own struggles and goals, and since life is smiling so broadly to me nowadays, my only worry for a couple of days forward is saying “då” right after “hei”, with as little pause in between as possible! And for that my dear, I consider myself to be lucky! Long live life (when you´re in the state of happiness) ! :D Yes, I´m allowed to say this as well, because in a few days it´s back to reality and when the exam readings are becoming serious, I won´t even understand how I could truly write that sentence on my blog this week.

Talk to you tomorrow again, sweetie pies and cutie peas! I hope you´ve had a wonderful Thuesday, and if not, comfort youself in thinking that tomorrow´s another day :-) Love <3

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