Early bird

Good morning all of you beauties out there! *yay* I can´t believe I´m up so early in the morning, during my summer vacay even! Yesterday, I set my mind on waking up early in order to have time for today´s new chores, so I alarmed the clock at 07.00. I only snoozed it 2 times before the disciplined part of my brain took over. But I´m really really tired, and to be honest I sometimes don´t feel any cup of coffee can help on the tiredness, and at times it even makes me feel even more sleepy. Anyways, this is what it starts with; coffee and breakfast. In about one hour, the first thing on the non-lovable today´s to-do-list is going down down down down down. This week´s 3/6 workout is still awaiting. Hopefully I´ll feel much better after that.

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