Testing, testing

Monday? New 5/6 workouts for the week? Gosh..
I feel terrible today, my head is aching, I have a stuffy nose that´s also running at the very same time, I feel like I almost blow my brains out every time I blow my nose. I can´t tell if it´s the allergies again, or if this year´s coldness is really hitting me bad. And at a really really bad timing too, I´m expecting a friend today, and she´s staying over for a couple of days and I couldn´t have been in a more dreadful shape. But I´m hoping it´s only temporarily for this morning (is that even possible..), and I´m especially crossing my fingers for being in my 110% best shape after today´s workout. (Am I allowed to doubt?..) They say that you get so much more energy from training, and that the only bad workout is the one you didn´t do; I´m really testing this out today.

Anyways, beneath are photos from my “must haves” in the gym bag.
-As you can see from, 1., 3., 4., 5. and 10.: I love Nike, it´s my number 1 favourite training brand ever ever.
-And the colour pink is still the number 1 preferrable colour of all the world´s colours, as it has since I was 5; the more pink, defintely the merrier.
-6. water is a must during workout, or else I would have died during the warm-up already.
-7. My training book is especially high on the must haves during workout. It´s great to keep tracks on any improvements/disimprovements as well as a reminder of how much weight and reps you did the last time. To me, it´s also some kind of motivational to have it, because it´s a reminder of how I´ve managed to start training again, and how I need to fill out the remaining white blankets in the book ;-)
-8. Music is also without no doubt a great motivation during workout. I´d even go so far as to say that a workout without music is almost doomed to be a bad one (at least to me).
-9. Gloves for weight lifting, if I forget these, I basically go do everything else besides lifting weights because I´m so s****ed without these on.
-11. My pink bottle. It´s either containing a protein shake or BCAA (cherry bomb!! <3) for  during/after the workout. I´m especially loving BCAA these days, it´s either placebo or it´s really working; but either way it´s doing what it´s suppose to be doing!

DSC_0005ab DSC_0008ba

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