GoPro HERO 3

I´d never thought I´d be the one craving for new electronic toys in the family, but here I am after craving so long after this; I´m sitting with my own GoPro HERO 3 in my hand, and I want to jump up and down and down and up again, I am so over the top happy for this little material thing that´s it´s almost on the edge of silliness!
GOPR0009a copyWe´re just starting to get to know it, and since we wouldn´t be bad company for our visitor at home, so the BFF state may have to wait for a while. But I have to say, at this point, that the little thing seems very easy to learn about as there´s only three buttons to relate to, how hard can it be (…) ;-) Anyways, we did get to take some few shots yesterday after charging it, and ooh myy Good, people, I have fallen in love, again.


As some of you might know from before, I´m quite a fan of Alana Blanchard, the surfer girl. It was from one of her several videos on Youtube that I opened my eyes for this little thing. Here´s one of them:

(Youtube, source.)

Anyways, breakfast is eaten, so in just a while, I´ll be off running again with the dog. It´s cardio day today, and even though I´m feeling a little off (again, am I getting a cold or is it just the allergies??..), it just have to be done. If my body can´t handle it, I suppose it´ll notify me enough, like collapsing on the road or something, but until then: game on!
Have a great Thuesday, all! :-)

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