The mandatory celebration of every bride-to-be

Oh gosh, it´s been such a while since my last blog post, and so incredibly much have happened since last time we´ve spoken; I don´t even know where to start!? For today, I can at least catch you all up on THE bcahelorette party.

Well, as some of you already know, I´ve been so lucky to have been pointed out as one of my best friends´ maid of honor. With that title comes the responsibility of organazing the secret bachelorette party. I already started in December thinking about how to go forward with this responsibility so I wouldn´t need to stress about this during the exam period in May-June, but as always, despite all the world´s planning you always miss something. But I think it went OK according to the original plan. I couldn´t be a spoiler and give a sign of any bachelorette party coming my way through my blog, so I´ve kept my mouth shut, but finally I can scream and shout and tell the world that one of my hardest “exam” ever is (almost) finally finished! I only need to cross out 2-3 last things out from my list, and then I´m done and done! No more DIY projects in relation to this, no more planning, thinking, worrying, now I can focus on the part of physically being there for the bride-to-be, and try to help her out as much as I possibly can :-)


Anyways, here are some photos for the curious ones:
collage1 collage2


collage3 DSC_0494a DSC_0496a DSC_0498a DSC_0539a

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