A dream place for any child

Norway´s biggest animal amusement park, Kristiansand Dyrepark, was absolutely amazing. We arrived around 12 o´clock before we rented a cage for Lola (this cost us 100kr, which we got back when the key was returned); they even gave us a brand new pink grocery shopping bag, a pink food bowl and Eukanuba food for her! *pink happiness*
Then we started wandering off. And we walked, and we talkes, and we took pictures, and we were amazed, we were fascinated, and after 5 hours or so, our feet began screaming for a time out and our hearts beated for Lola. At this point, we had visited: “Afrika”, “Nordisk villmark”, “Asia”, “Kardemomme by”, “Apejungelen”, “Sabeltanns verden”, “Kutoppen”, “Kjuttaviga”, “Jungelen” and “Heia”. Everything but “Badeland” really. Our favourites are definetely “Afrika” and “Sabeltanns verden”, I think I could spend just a whole day within both of these sightings! :-D Can´t understand that neither Aksel nor I have been taken to this place as a child; but as they say, better late than never ;-) Anyways, I´ve taken a lot of video with the GoPro today, but I think I´m going to intergrate them with the rest of my videos from this summer, so that will have to wait :-) For now, a good night sleep awaits us before we start rather early tomorrow with packing, breakfast, walking the dog, do our weight lifting program for tomorrow, as well as hoping for a 30 minutes run followed by a shower. And by 12.00, we will be heading off to Stavanger again. Busy, busy! :-D

Wish you all a good night sleep, cuties pies and honey bees <3


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