Chop suey recipe

Now who doesn´t like Chinese food? To me, anyone protesting againt this hasn´t tried real good Chinese food yet. If so, the superduper popular Chop suey is a must ! And I promise, it´s so easy to make it´s almost embarrasing for me to lay out any recipe, but here it goes:


Step 0:
Cook your rice, because this will take around 20 minutes before it´s done, so it´ll be just in time for the chop suey.
A tradition in my family has been to use half a cup extra than the amount of cup with rice.
(Example 3 cups with rice = use 3,5 cup of water)

Step 1:
Use one piece of chicken filet per person.
(If you want to use another type of meat, or mix different types of meat together: go ahead!)
Slice the filet into small, very thin pieces.

Step 2:
Put the chicken slices in a small plastic bag.
Since we´re collecting salt and pepper from each time we cheat on our non existing diet, I use these practical MacD-souvenirs. 3 XS (extra small) container of pepper and 2 of salt.
Then I add 2 tablespoons of corn starch.
Make sure every chicken slice is covered with this mix.
Fry the meat, before you remove them from the pan again.

Step 3:
Cut the vegetables you´d like to include in this dish.
In the bowl, I have 3 tablespoons of soy (Silver Swan is the best of them all!) + some pepper.
Fry the vegetables for 1-2 minutes (alone in the pan, remember this!)

Step 4:
2 meat broths (for a dark sauce, OR use chicken broth for a lighter looking sauce)  needs to be added with 6 dl boiled water. Mix this with the soy sauce, and pour it over the vegetables.
Mix another 2 tablespoons of corn starch with 6 tablespoons of water, and then pour this into the pan after the other sauce has been boiled away almost. Let this new mix boil for a while.

Step 5:
The vegetables are already in the pan. Then the sauce (from step 4) is added, and last the the meat is put in to the pan again.

Step 6:
Everything is mixed in the pan.
After a minute or so: voila!

The heat during the whole process was on the highest possible.
(We´ve heard different stories about using low/high heat for the best possible result, but as mentioned, we we used high heat -and the result was perfection!)

Good luck! :D

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