A clip of my summer of 2013

Hello! I know it´s been quiet from my side of the room today, but here I am now! It´s Friday already, can you believe how fast the week goes? One just can´t say that enough.. Today we finished this week´s fifth workout before another cardio day is awaiting tomorrow. Then we can relax for real on Sunday, and I´ll finally have a little me-time. You know, lie on the sofa with a cup of tea/coffee while watching one of my favourite tv-series, paint my nails, fix my brows; that kind of girliness. Speaking of me, below is the clip I´ve made from some parts of my summer. I´ve filmed with both Gopro and the iPhone, so you´ll see that the quality may vary during the whole clip. Just remember to click at “HD” down in the corner to the right for best possible quality. The other big parts of my summer, I´ve made videos of as well. Just click “My videos” under the “Categories”, which can be found on the right side of my blog; there you can find posts from earlier which conteins video clips. And remember, I´m Asian, so the typical “Asian power” (LOVE taking photos and filming) applies to this clip. When I tried to include as much as possible, I end up speeding things up (maybe too much sometimes?), so I hope you don´t get too dizzy from watching this *hehehe*. Hope you enjoy <3




From Milola on Vimeo.

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