Up and move

A new checklist has been made, whether it´s on paper or in mind -oh, it´s still exists, all day, today, everyday ;-)! One can comfort oneself with thinking it gives the dailylife a meaning. We´ve all experienced sitting on the couch one summer day thinking: WHAT shall I do today? I have absolutely nothing that needs to be done. And that, ladies and gents, we have to admit isn´t always something to jump up and down about. I´m up, breakfast is consumed and the hubby is calling me, with our heads set at a new goal of changing our lifestyle with both training and diet we just have to follow through :-) Our life nowadays actually mostly contains of just that. It´s incredibly timeconsuming, feeling I have no time for a coexisting social life, but this is just the change I needed in life so at the same time: it´s OK. I can think of it as a small sacrifice for bigger gains  ;-) *oh so dramatic, hehehe!*

Have a great and inspirational Wednesday, stay tuned for a recipe later!

(Motivational words from here.)

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