Snapshots from the past days


1. Photo taken on a walk. We have a street where they have tagged different shapes in different colours -love to walk by there. 2. I´ve begun to prepare our next week´s LCHF meal plan. 3. Screenshot from one of my updates from an app I have, RunKepper. I love, love, love it, the information is not too much, yet detailed enough for me. I received an email from them on their 5th birthday ealier this week. On this photo, you can see that the app has, amoung many other things, moved 783,8 million miles (which is illustrated by 8 trips to the sun, 1 trip to Saturn, 3,277 trips to the moon and 31,470 times around the globe -FUN!), 78,3 billion calories, tracked 15,700 YEARS of activities etc.! Be a part of this you too, and download RunKeeper app now! :D 4. Photo from when I painted my nails in my all time favourite colour: pink. 5. Look at our beautiful Norwegian nature! Photo taken from after a playdate in the dogpark. 6. Sportyspice x2! This one is from a walk back home from the gym. 7. A photo of one of the weirdest insects I´ve seen in Norway so far! I swear, I had never seen one like this before. Either that, or I´m obviously spending too much time indoor… 8. One satisfied piece of Elle after a workout! 9. A screenshot from a photo I stumbled upon on IG. I´ve had a small concern of posting too much photos in relation to workouts and training, but after reading this -oh, I´m so continuing posting! ;-)

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