There will always be something to smile about

It´s afternoon already -almost on the edge of an early evening even- before I´ve managed to squeeze in a couple of minutes today with my dear blog. Today actually felt like an ordinary Monday: hectic from the second I placed my feet out of bed. I even, willingly, went to bed around 21.30 yesterday, ready to fly away to dreamland because of my tiredness: these last couple of days have been exhausting, but exciting!

Photos from the photocollage below are all taken after yesterday´s workout. I was so satisfied with me, myself and I (I mean, come on, 4 pictures after a short run; that says it all). Today on the other hand.. Well, there will always be people in your life with so much bitterness and negative energy (whom you´d probably rather live without), and it´s amazing how just these people can take away a whole day of your newly loaded batteries. But as I went through my phone photos, I saw these happy, smiling pictures from yesterday and was reminded that there will always be something to smile about -you just have to find the reason(s). It hit me that we are expecting visitors in six days, both my father and the best chihuahua in the whole wide world are coming to us! Now that is a valid reason to draw a smile on the face :-) Even though I have so much on my to-do-list that it´s almost choking -the thought of seeing Milo again will keep me going <3


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