A spoiled morning

Sunday morning, hurray! Especially since the sun has decided to take a sneak peak at our town, drawing blue skies and a perfect autumn mood along with it :-) I´ve even set aside time to finally finish one of my magazines at home, and with the great sight from my apartment window, my Sunday morning couldn´t have been more cozy.

I´ve even been up a couple of hours now, finishing breakfast with cheese cake for dessert. Now that isn´t a dailylife thing! I´ve also been out for a dog walk + followed my father, whom arrived yesterday, to the train station. As mentioned before, he´s leaving for the Philippines and I wish I could go along. It´s been years (!!), too many years since last time I visited my family across the world. I´ve promised some of my cousins to come next year, and I intend to keep that promise :-)


Anyways, speaking of the Philippines; has anyone received the news of Miss Philippines winning the Miss World 2013? Megan Young, the big talk in “Pinas” I imagine; I´m so incredibly proud! Congratulations!

(Photo of her is borrowed from here.)


  • Reply September 29, 2013


    This is a good idea to have a cheese cake as a desert for breakfast at Sunday morning! And how great that you have visit from your family :)

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog – I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    • Reply September 30, 2013


      Thank you :-) Yes, family is always nice to have over :-)

      Of course, I´ll do that :-)
      Wish you a great Monday, Rena!


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