Sweep me off my feet and fly me to the moon

I´m pinching myself in the arm. No, it´s not a dream -yet I´m still in dreamland!

Yesterday, it rained for the first time. We were actually so glad to experience this, because we took a long and romantic walk in the rain a long the beach, until the raindrops were getting heavier and heavier. We ran towards the cabin like crazy, and we weren´t the only couple having a blast in the rain!
Another thing about yesterday, is that the island were organizing a small “fashion show” to show off their clothing in their clothing boutique here. I was picked a long with 4 other girls/women. We picked 4 different outfits, and had to go around the bar area. It was so much fun, but at the very same time, extremely frightening! But I thought, 1) When will I ever be asked for something like this ever again? 2) I don´t know many of these people and will probably never see them again, and that pretty much made my decision.
DSC_0057a Today, we had the choice between going on an excursion to a complete desert island, or to go to a local fisherman´s island and learn about the culture. Unfortunately, both of them are happening at the same time, so we had to take a tough choice. No doubt: the local island!

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