Pink fun

Sooo.. I´ve had a bit fun dressing up while I waited for the rest of the videos to upload to iMovie. I could´ve stood out on the balcony, but I felt stupid enough posing in front of a dog, so no. . . I´m not quite there yet. I´ve otherwise really enjoyed my Sunday for one time´s sake. The apartment doesn´t look any neat at all, the kitchen could use a clean up, but my oh my how good it´s been to just be out walking the dog in the perfect autumn weather, and sitting on the couch eating good food and watching my favourite tv-series. Sometimes the soul needs lazy days like these :-) But any moment now, I need to get ready for work, and tomorrow awaits the first day of two weeks being in school practice! Pleaase, let the hours before tomorrow go slow, yet the coming weeks fly by quickly . . .


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