The Maldives, part V: Followmeto someplace over the rainbow

Finally, we´ve edited our video from Gangehi island, the Maldives, here is the very last part of the Maldives.


I really really hope you enjoy it, we´ve used so much time and energy with this movie. And since we´ve filmed a lot, it was hard to only choose a few clips and then cut their lengths. I also have to notify that in the beginning of the movie, there´s a danger of becoming a little bit dizzy when we show you on a slightly too quick sightseeing around the island; but we couldn´t find any other solution. That part would otherwise dominate the movie completely, with a total time of perhaps over 15 minutes -and that would no doubt have been boring. But don´t worry, the second part of the movie is better (in my opinion ;-) )! So here it goes, wish you all a fantastic start to the weekend!

Love <3

The Maldives3 from Milola on Vimeo.

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