As clean as can be

Hello coco puffs and sweet lollipops! <3

I hope you can excuse my absence, but yesterday´s time schedule wasn´t didn´t give much room for quality time with my blog plus my body shape wasn´t cooperative either. Luckily today´s has been a bit opposite when it comes to that. Maybe just knowing that the weekend is right around the corner can do silly wonders, what do I know.

DSC_0005ab Anyways. I´ve had the energy to finish yesterday´s weightlifting; on top of that, the hubby and I  (dreamteam itself in my opinion), has managed to wash and prepare everything possible in the apartment for it to look neat and clean for the weekend (and hopefully the following weeks to come). Taking one look here wouldn´t make you believe what a mess we´ve been living in these last two weeks of school practice. Last day for this semester is tomorrow, so I´m looking extremely forward to soak the goodness of Saturday and Sunday in, and prepare myself for both work and school. Except for that school presentation I have to read and prepare to..

Well well. If there´s anything I´ve learned from Dale Carnegie´s “How to live life without any worries”, it´s just to take one day at the time. So back to now: I really just wanted to stop by and say a little hello, one day since last blog post is one day too long, I feel. Well, Aksel is waiting, as always. He´s just made us a cup of smoothie each, plus I think the TV is screaming for our attention, so I´ll talk to you lovlies soon :-) Enjoy the evening, all!

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