A side of me I didn´t know existed

During our walk earlier today, we dropped by a knitting shop. At the early stages of my relationship with Aksel, he actually gave me a scarf containing all the colours of the rainbow. What´s bothering me (and him for that sake), is that I can´t remember where this dear scarf is now. My man had knitted it all by himself as a little boy, and now it´s vanished from the earth´s surface, somehow, to somewhere. . . Anyways. So we´ve been joking about me knitting something, as he as a little boy had managed to do this, and we´ve especially been dreaming about homemade sweaters for both of our dogs; so now ladies and gentlemen, I am saying it aload and clear: Me, Eleonor Francie, am starting to knit. I can´t really remember finishing anything beautiful during my very small, almost non-existing history of knitting, but I love challenges, and boy oh boy will this be a challenge!

I had never thought I would find myself in the position of looking at a knitting recipe. And to be honest, only the first sentence almost made me tear my hair apart. Luckily only almost. But one step forward in the right direction is at least one step less? ;)

Another thing, is that Aksel still has an ongoing project of finishing our bed´s headboard, so finally today (only one year after putting it up in the bedroom), we bought buttons we think might look well on the headboard. So he´s manly busy at this very moment planning how to attack the project further on. Love it!


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