The rest of the day planned out

Well, here I am. Work is done, workout is done and here I am. My hair loosened up while being in one of my favourite PJ´s, plus, I´m wearing the most comfortable sweather ever. Taking picture of myself wearing this combination at two o´clock, aand publishing them must be hillarious, I agree. Where is the fashion police might some of you think, and maybe you´re right. My mother used to tell me as a teenager that how you look isn´t what´s important, it´s if you feel comfortable/warm enough and so on. This must be a sign of me either entering the early stages of adulthood, or me just becoming just like my mom ;) Anyways. As the great housewife I am, I´m preparing dinner for when my husband is returning home from work, but before that, a mandatory after workout energy boost besides drinking protein shake is in order. It´s nothing more than frying salami and eggs, but trust me the recipe is worth trying :) You can find the recipe here.


Neither I or the four-legged animal here at home has been feeling kind of sick, so I´m pleased to say that the rest of the day will be spent at home, inside, with the TV on, knitting needles in my hands, and a warm cup nearby. + I´ll do the finishing touch of the blog post containing our training program later today :)

So until then, have a delightful afternoon, talk to you later, sweethearts <3

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