Hello you, biceps

Hello, you!:)
The day has just flown by, the time always goes so fast that it´s on the edge of ridicuousness -if that´s even a word in the dictionary.

I am home at last, and only a big boring thing awaits to be done on my to do list. On my whole week´s to do list actually. A school paper. Boring, but it just has to be done. Can you believe, I´ve been on the school bench every year since college (“videregående skole” in Norway?), and so many years after, here I still am. Completing my school years, though it took me a while to figure out what I really wanted to do. Anyways. Only a few more school papers to go, and then I´m hopefully done; at least for a while.
But before I go loose on that school paper of mine, a lovely pre-dinner snack awaits this working girl. Is there anything in this world that´s healthy for whatever human being going on whatever kind of diet/non-diet; there will always be the amazing egg, doing wonders for you health in so many ways. And I like to believe it has worked up the little I had of biceps; I mean, honestly, half a year ago, I couldn´t even pull up once. I just hung there like a wet towel on a hanger… But now, I´ve immortalized three pull-ups with a neutral grip. Don´t know and don´t care if they are approved in the environment of the proffesionals, what´s important is that what I thought was impossible earlier, has turned out to be the opposite, and that feeling is undescribable! My oh my, will I live forever long bragging about this little accomplishment of mine ;)


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