Homemade bedhead

I am giving myself a little break from my school paper to share joyful news with you all. I can finally say that our project of making our own homemade bedhead is finally completed, and I am saying it with the biggest smileyface you can imagine. We began this project during spring last year, and now, 1,5 year after we can finally check it off our list! It´s faar from being perfect, and from taking one look at it, it´s clearly homemade; but isn´t that a part of the charm of being homemade? :) However, we did learn one thing or two during the process, so when we´re buying a house (hopefully) in the nearest future, we´ll make another bedhead for our guestroom.

It´s actually not that hard making a bedhead of your own, you just needs some tools (or a handyman next to you). We´ve used a chipboard (sponplate in norwegian), the foam from the mattress (skumgummi in norwegian), a fabric from Jysk, plus matching buttons. Aksel decided to use 11 buttons (3 rows: 4 buttons on the first row, 3 buttons on the next and 4 again on the last row). Besides from the rows being a bitt off their vertical lines, we´re are very much happy with it! :)

For those of you who wants to give your hidden dream of making your own bedhead a go, here´s a site that presents the process nicely step by step, click here (the site is in norwegian, but you can use google translate if you want).

When it comes to the Gossip-girl-wannabe-wall-decoration, I´ve made a blog post about this DIY project of mine, here. Since I´ve currently redirected mrselle.com to mrselle.femelle.no, just send me an email if you´re interested to know more about that project. I´ll be happy to share my experience :)

Well, I´ve babbled enough for now. My student side of life is waiting unpatently. Have a lovely evening, all of you :)DSC_0023a DSC_0027a DSC_0034a

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