Training=energy, schoolwriting= (empty)

There are days where cardio day feels like such a burden. I was on the edge of elegantly skipping this day, but then my all time favourite hero, Aksel, saved my day somehow and then I just had to go through with it.

For such a long while I´ve worked on my hate for running and turning it into love of some kind. Besides great music and new motivational training clothes on the tread mill, I´ve really become fond of interval running. You have to be focused on the time and speed almost constantly, and with this kind of variation, half an hour suddenly goes by so much faster. They say that working out give you more energy. Well, here I am at home, done with both cardio, core exercises  and the showering -yet I await that extra energy they are talking about. I had it the very second I stepped down from the treadmill looking like the sweatest girl every imaginable, but I did however almost feel like the king of the world. The moments after finishing an interval training feels so great one could almost go straight from the mill to a photoshoot still feeling great ;)collage4

In front of me, I now only have the boring task of continuing on my school paper. I think it´s safe to say that any kind of positive energy is suddenly lacking this body right now . . .

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