Bigger, better, stronger

I´m sitting here, all freshened up after a late Friday workout.

I´ve figured out that from now on, I´m dropping the Saturday workout to see if a second day of body recovery might do my tiny muscles any good. If only they could grow faster! … Can´t believe I´m saying that, I think I have to say it again: If only my muscles could grow faster!! *hehe* Ridiculous, almost one year ago I could not see myself lifting anything else than e pencil in the future, now I can actually say, with a hand on my heart, that I do like weightlifting. I mean, no I´m not looking to compete, or to dedicate my whole life into dieting and training, but I was so stupid to believe that when a girl lifted weight, there were real danger of becoming big with not only a capital “b”, but followed with a capital “i” and “g” as well. Now I´ve learned the hard way that people that getting and obtaining the muscles requires real hard work and dedication…And that´s perhaps more than I can say for myself?

I understand that people are different, some enjoy training while others are satisfied with an evening walk; but guys, if only I could transfer the amazing feeling of lifting more than the guy next to you.. I mean, that´s not only the cherry on top of the cake; the cherry is also dancing on a starry rainbow as well!

I apologize for the superbad quality of the picture below.. And the video must be the shortest movie I´ve made so far it´s almost embarrasing, but it just had to be made. I clearly forgot my camera *typical*, but it´s better than not having any proof at all of my new PR! :D

From Milola on Vimeo.

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