Still knitting

Yesterday´s evening didn´t turn out to be so bad after all. When I became superstressed, I managed to focus 100% on my chores, which made me super effective (as if that would be a surprise..). Only an hour after I posted yesterday´s last blog post, I was basically finished with things I honestly thought would take me at least 2,5 hours ?! If only I could say so for all the other stressful days this year. .

Anyways, work plus today´s cardio are all dunzo. I´ve just come out of the shower, fresh as a blooming flower just waiting for my new nail polish to dry before I´m having an hour of me-time, and I´m including the knitting with me. I´ve been on it for two weeks now, and I´m already eager to see the result. But just waiting on the sideline won´t do me any good, so I need to take matters in to my own hands ;) *hehe, katching!*

DSC_0048_01a DSC_0050a

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