Having a blast

What a day! I know I say that a lot

What a day! I know I say that a lot, but though I´ve had other days that´s been non-stop with something to do, someplace to be, this is one of those good “what a day”-day´s. If that even made any sense.. Anyways. Though this blog post´s title may give expectations of me discovering a new planet, or inventing something in the lines of Steven Job´s Apple, what makes my day pretty darn good, is A) going to work for only two hours today B) spending the rest of the day with my little brother and our dad. I´ve eaten hillariously much carbs, we´ve taken a small road trip to help out some of our dear ones in the town next to us and we´ve had this century´s smallest workout in the gym today, just comparing strenghts between me, Aksel, Elmoon and dad. *haha!* I have actually witnessed that in some exercises, I am as strong as/stronger than my own dad -and to not be training anything special, he´s actually pretty strong..collage1All day long I´ve had the feel good- feeling, like when coming home for Christmas. Good company, good laughs, good food: isn´t this the good llife in a nutshell? And since we´re driving up north this year, my expectations of having a b-l-a-s-t is out of this world! I really can´t wait! And guys, tomorrow is exactly one month until Christmas Eve. If only this month could go super fast! Hot cocoa, great food, late movie nights, many chica chat moments, laughing so hard that it hurts, making snowmen and snow caves, going for a long walk in the mountains with the dogs etc, etc, ETC! Oh, pretty please let this month pass by faster than I can say “how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood!”

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