December the 1st

*Yay*, it´s the first of December guys, aand the first Sunday in advent! 2013´s last month, we´re straight ahead towards a new year! Another year full of new hope, inspiration, motivation, expectations, experience and so on AND SO ON! But before that, there´s yet 30 days to go. Pretty please let the days go fast! :)

Today has been a full on activity day, non stop. With a cozy Sunday breakfast, a long stay outdoor followed. We went to the dog park to let the dogs play like children do. Though the wind was quite sour, the sun hadn´t completely left us yet and made it feel like the beginning of autumn all over again. As mentioned before, Lola has her period. But despite this, we were so lucky to meet and sniff our neighblour dog, Nil (probably the most handsome dog Lola has ever seen, I always imagine him to be the dog world´s George Clooney!), plus other guys dogs. So I think she´s pretty satisfied with today. When we went back home from the park, we saw a dog everywhere, basically anywhere we looked! Sundays must be dog´s favourite day of the week, I think! The mandatory out-with-the-dog-for-a-long-walk-or-a-play-date-day :)

Anyways. The time after that has gone to nothing but preperations for a big gathering at our place this evening. We´re expecting a lot of guests, and I don´t think we´ve had as many dinner guests at once like today. So it´ll be exiting to see if our little apartment won´t be just too little. Either way, it´ll be extremely nice to have so many family/family-in-laws together, and hopefully they´ll like the food we´re presenting. You see, the menu doesn´t conatin anything else than lowcarb, but that will hopefully don´t be an issue at all :)

A neat and clean apartment, an exhausted dog beside me, good food, great company; can one ask for more today?



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