Light at heart

World, hello to you!

My mood and my shape are in a really sleepy state, but as they say: you´re never as effective as when you have your hands full with things to do! The apartment finally looks blooming again, work, other chores and errands are crossed out, and I feel light at heart again. Aah, what a wonderful feeling.


I´ve prepared an early dinner ready, and now the husband has come home again from work, finishing that work. The entire apartment smell food, I can smell almost every ingredient from where I´m sitting, I´m feeling as hungry as a horse. I had hoped to be able to enjoy the dinner a bit more than just to toss it in the mouth, but we don´t have any choice as we still have to deliver our car for inspection. After that, the runway towards focusing on exam reading is clear.


Today´s workout will be delayed until this evening. It had to be done this way because of our work situation today, but it´ll be good to feel a change. It´ll remain exiting to see whether or not I will have trouble sleeping as a result of a late workout. We´ll see, and I´ll cross everything that can be possibly be crossed in hope that that won´t be any problem at all :)


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