Do good, feel good

One more exam tomorrow for Aksel before both of us can enjoy a couple of weeks of Christmas vacation, but before that, we still got things and more things to prepare before we´re leaving. The hubby´s getting the whole day off so he can focus on nothing but his exam, while I on the other hand, will try to  be superwifey today. I´ve already had a great start to the week (read: completed today´s cardio), and I can´t believe that only in a few days, we´ll all be reunited with our other loved ones up North ♥

But before that, I have to get started on today´s to-doing´s so I can continue on my knitting project. I actually finished 1 out of 4 parts, so I really have to get going while my fingers are on fire. I won´t really get much time for it when the school starts again in January, so I better seize the oppurtinity while I still can :)

Hope you´re all having a good Monday; and if not, I´m sending a warm and special hug for you :) ♥DSC_0038a7

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