Stars in my eyes

Hello :)
I know it´s unusual for me to not drop by ealier than now and say hello, but I haven´t really had the time to sit down and enjoy some time by myself on the blog. As always, one can´t plan the future 100%, aand, as usual, thing´s don´t always turn out as planned. So I went to bed yesterday thinking that we didn´t have too much preperations left today before we´re leaving tomorrow, but boy was I wrong. Anyways, I´ve managed to cross out a whole bunch of things on my list, yet I still have a few more. But I´m feeling positive that I´ll finish in an hour or so, leaving me with a few hours of finally resting before this year´s last work duty´s waiting in the morning. But it wouldn´t suprise me if we´ll be delayed with an hour or so tomorrow, that wouldn´t be anything but just typical ;)

Well, now I´m taking a moment off, and with sale ads here, there and just about everywhere, I just couldn´t lay my hands from clicking into the sale on Ellos. Here are some of my findings ♥ If only one would have unlimited access to all the world´s money. .


– Pillow with small stars HERE – White pillow HERE – Pillow with the big star HERE
Flower carpet HERE – White lamp HERE – Grey pillow HERE – Bedlinen with mall stars HERE
Bedlinen with stripes HERE – Wall hooks HERE – Pedestal table HERE – Glass bottles HERE
Curtain with text and birds HERE – Glass of jars HERE


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