Hello again ♥

And with those two sentences, I officially break off from the silence. Oh how I´ve missed spending time with my blog ♥


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(Background song of Arvo Pärt – Spiegel Im Spiegel)

Wow, I can´t believe my last update was on the 17th of December.. We´re way past new year now (a very much belated merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!), and so much have happened in between; I don´t even know where to start.. Putting the whole silent period into a small summary, I figured making photo collages of the few photos I took is the easiest. The short video above shows almost all of the photos as the ones I´m showing below, but these comes with a more fulfilling text. So here we go :)


Through it seems like I´ve taken a lot of photos when I open my memory card, I realise now that we´ve taken a lot of funny pictures at the same scene/event, so as you can see, I´ve picked several photos from the exact same place. Family, oh family ♥ Whether its blood related people or your “handpicked” family (read: friends), life would really not be the same without them; especially around this time of the year :) Anyways, here I go driving towards the moshy-moshy corner again, but I´ll stop it right there. The photos from above are all taken in our small Catholic chapel, showing the photo of a newborn Christ in the beautiful picture down to the right.


Another memorable event from our week in North must be this small gathering of celebrating Christmas together through good food, great music, songs, games and last but not the least: good company :)


Our original plan was to stay up in North for around 2 weeks. Though our plans regrettably changed and we decided do drive back down after one week, it was one week of non-stop action. I had so many things on my can´t-wait-to-do-this-in-North-list, yet too few had the chance to be crossed out. But one special thing on that list was to make a snowman bigger and taller than myself. And boy, oh boy did we manage to do exactly that. Since the snowman turned into a “snowwoman”, we decided to name her “Ellie” (from Elle and Gerlie, the name of my cousin who helped me a lot (while the boys were more busy taking pictures after the job was done!)). You can also see that my family has a white Christmas tree. Though I reacted a bit to this, I actually loved it a lot, two years after them implementing this change in tradition!:) And of course, the most beautiful Chichuahua in the whole wide world, Milo, had to be taken a picture of, while eating a snack almost bigger than his own head *hehe* ♥ My knitting project, as you can see down to the right, still hasn´t stopped. I am getting closer to the end line, just give 6 more months or so..


On our way to and from North (the whole drive took us over 24 hours by the way), we slept one night over at Scandic in Sweden; and as mentioned before, Scandic is one of the few hotels which accepts animals, and I love, love, love them for that ♥ On the photos down to the right, you can see our beautiful view in Umeå.

Driving back home, we stopped by a Swedish grocery shop and bought lots and lots of meat, cheese, more meat and cheese, and even more meat and cheese. But in between the meat and cheese, I found the perfect new addition to our kitchen equipment family. A 3 in 1 kind of iron: containing the switchable iron plates to making toast, grill and waffles: absolute genious! Did cost us nothing more than around 250 Swedish kroners! If you´re in Sweden, walk in to a “LIDL” and look after one for yourself right away! :)

collage5a7 collage6a7

Aren´t the photos above simply beautiful? They are all taken from our city´s snow hotel. These cellphone photos doesn´t really give the place justice. The place just has to be experienced personally. Amazing, unique and impressive. Go,go,go!


Well here´s more cellphone photos. Me up to the left taken on New Year´s Eve, Lola in her most beautiful belonging ever; a new sweater for Christmas. She was glowing, really ♥ It also needs to mentioned that I think I´ve been incredible whatever regards eating as much lowcarb as possible in December (simply above and beyond expectations!), I´ve also had lots of small cheat meals. One of the best cheat meal experience I had, was eating two waffles triangles (looking like Belgian waffles) as a breakfast dessert kind of. It was also this experience that made me buy the 3 in 1 iron thing from an earlier photo above. The waffle plate that came with it will make the waffles look almost exactly like this. And oh how I longe after the same feeling as when eating those waffles…! *now-and-forever-a-foodmonster*

Two more photos of me and my handsome Milo :) Our neighbour in North was so kind to make him a “Marius” sweater. He looks so adorable in it!

The cutest bottle can be seen on the photo up to the right. I bought it in Finland, only to save it as a water bottle in the gym or at school -only to find out that my dear husband has thrown it away :(

And the last photo down to the right: the hospital gym. I wanted to continue my training there, but I actually went only once (…!). But since Aksel convinced me of the bigger importance of food habits rather than training, focusing on eating the right type of food made it much easier. I´ve enjoyed pastries and carbs, but comparing myself to a year ago, it sometimes felt hard retaining oneself. But the hard work has on the other side paid off at the end of the holidays, and that alone feels absolutely amazing :)


One more Christmas kiss to my dearest Milo. I don´t know how many times I´ve kissed that little fellow of mine. He even got lipstick sometimes, colouring his pale fur *hehe* Though he´s fits under the typical image most people have of a “Chihuahua”, I wouldn´t trade this precious heart to anything in this world ♥

During our last Christmas holidays up in North, we´ve always played games, especially “Settlers”. This year on the other hand, the famous game, Scrabble, was popular in our home. The grown-ups has always enjoyed this game, but my eyes didn´t really opened to this until this year. I enjoyed it so much that Aksel and I even decided to make a homemade one not many days after our arrival here in South; but I´ll make another blog post showing pictures of that another time.

Well that was that. One week in North, and one unexpected week in South, both so memorable and wonderful in their own way. Oh dearest 2013, what a year we´ve had together, and what a great closing chapter to the year. And 2014, how I look forward to making new experiences and memories with you ♥

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