My must-sees from 2013


I always have been and will forever always be a movie geek. I like to blame my parents for this endless love for movies, but I´m not sure if that´s even a valid excuse. Whatever reason for this, now that we´ve entered a new year, I thought I´d bring together a small collection of my favourite chick flick movies from 2013.  For those of you who haven´t heard of “chick flicks” before, it is, to my understanding, the types of movies that usually appeal to us girls (you know, in the genres of comedy, drama, romance).

After putting together one trailer after another, I now realize my list is quite long. So for those of you in a hurry, or if you´re simply impatient; at least let yourself be swept away by my number one favourite:

About Time:

I´m confident that I´m not alone loving Rachel McAdams, and only seing her name on the cast list makes watching the movie worthwhile. But this movie is about a young man, discovering that he, like the other men in his family, is able to travel back in time. This is an absolute keeper, I´ve only seen it once, but I´m guessing at this time of the year next year, I will have seen it about 7-8 times -if not 10-11…!

I´ve been waiting for a romantic movie that gives a little competition to “The Notebook”;but girls, you don´t need to look further, because here it is. The movie is so full of everything a girl can ever dream of finding in only one movie. If you haven´t watched it yet, I suggest you go do it right away; I think we all have something to learn and bring with us from the movie and into 2014. :)

The Secret Life of Walt Mitty:

Lee Daniel´s The Butler:

Now You See Me:

The Spectacular Now:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters:


Grown Ups 2:

The Internship:

The Heat:

The Way Way Back:


The Book Thief:

Jack The Giant Slayer:


Gangster Squad:

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