Sun and strawberries equals summer

Hello, cutiepies and lovely honeys! :-) I´ve just been at home a couple of minutes, the rest of the day I´ve been at school. Tomorrow is another day where most of my time will be spent at the very same address, but until then, I dedicate the rest of the day to training, preparing the home for half a day away tomorrow (which means cleaning and washing clothes and so fort -I´m sure you guys see that boring part of the picture. . . ) and then at last some relaxing.

The time only shows some minutes past half four, aand the best part: while sitting here waiting for my dearest husband finishing his food-magic in the kitchen, the sun beams hit the side of my face, and it feels absolutely wonderful! Our balcony door is wide, wide open, yet the temperature is so lovely! Though we´re only at the end of March and this is probably just a little knock on the door to remind us that the summer is just around, I have to admit, I could get used to shorten the winter season every year forward and rather replace king Winter with queen Summer instead.  I mean, wouldn´t you? I´m sure I´m not the only one playing with the idea :-)

On our menu today is biffsteak with different vegetables, and afterwards awaits the number one summer-dessert! My glass is raised to you, oh summer warmth, may you never ever leave my side again -) ♥

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