Our swimming program

This day is probably my favourite day this week, maybe just because of the small fact that I have swimming on my plan. Being in a swimming pool and spashing the water alone is fun, and it has been for centuries. But now we´ve gotten a training program we want to stick to, and that doesn´t actually decrease the joy of it all, on the contrary it doubles! At least for our part.

swimming exercises1100

As some of you may know, Aksel is a member of Mjøsa Triathlon Club here, and he wish to compete in the future. I´m not thinking about doing the same, no actually, I´ll rephrase that, I´m not even dreaming about doing so, but this girl (or maybe even young woman?) isn´t the only one in this relationship with a spirit for competition. So racing back and forth makes the training even more effective, and not the least: more fun :-) You don´t even need to worry about sweating too much ;-)!

First time I tried it was last week, and in a little over an hour I only got through half of it. So today, I´m going to give it my all, I cross fingers and toes (not while swimming, though *haha* ;-) ) that I´ll complete all of the 2500 meters. Now that I have low- intensity training all week long (except for Sunday, chick here to see the program), I also strongly believe that I have a better shot at this today, in contrast to a normal Thuesday for me (where I´ve completed either interval training or 30minutes of jogging, plus the day being in between heavylifting days).

Anyways, as you can see on the plan, it is especially focused on crawl as a swimming technique, so we´ll see how long we´ll stay on this particular program. The most important thing, however, I think, is to find a program which falls into taste, so that the hour or so in the swimming pool can be not only fun, but as mentioned, also productive :-)

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