Pink lovlies in a jar ♥

 Hello you, hello weekend, hello Saturday and hello easter vacation! We´ve received our dear mom as a visitor from up North, and with a week of working, training, school and what not, I´m very eager to experience a less hectic one. We started our Saturday morning quite early today; around 06.30 to be more exact. At this time of the day, I could already feel Aksel get out of bed preparing breakfast for the whole apartment. Not too long after that, the rest of us was up and awake, and after eating the first meal of the day, we were ready set go for a short road trip to Sweden. Boy oh boy do our refridgerator look full now. If you can imagine me tying a knot to keep the door closed? Well, that´s about our reality now *hehe!*


Anyways, both four legged and two legged living creatures around me are taking an afternoon powernap, but since almost everything else than this chair I´m sitting in is occupied, I don´t see any reason to join the sleeping gang. With easter vacation going on strong now, and lots of candy offers here there and absolutely everywhere, I´ve got to admit I´ve actually turned in to the temptation of buying a handful of different nuts aand candy. Yes, sugar candy.. I mean who wouldn´t, wouldn´t you? If you haven´t already done that, that is .. ;-)


But, to balance the whole thing, I´ve also bought lots of healthier alternatives. And now that I´m at home, sneaking a hand into the candy bag and tasting as many as two candies; the sugar is actually too much when one has stayed away from this for a while. And so I´ve put the bag nicely away, and have rather enjoyed a juicy grapefruit. Goodness, have you tasted this fruit? An absolute favourite! Still sugar, but what the h*ck! ;-) A girl´s gotta have something, right? Now I feel ready to re-attack my school paper, even though it´s weekend, even though it´s Saturday, and even though I can do whatever I´d rather want to do in this world of ours. That´s how much great energy the grapefruit has given me! :-D


Well, enough nagging from me. I just wanted to drop by for a super quick hello and wish you all a great start to your weekend! :-) Enjoy it alone by yourself, or in the company of others, inside, or outside, with the sun shining or the blessing of the heaven´s rain drops: ENJOY! ♥


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