Sometimes, just sometimes

I don´t know about you, but when I suddenly stumbled upon the quote above earlier today, I felt really guilty. The past days, weeks and months has gone to so much stressing about school; finishing one school paper after another, and now the biggest school paper of them all. Before I go loose on that later today, I´ve decided to take a hakuna matata turn and go into slow motion. Enjoy the finer things in life for a change (whatever that may be to you)-even for just a short, short while. Go for a stroll outside, set up the table in a beautiful way, or relax on the sofa with only you, yourself and you again, dwell on beautiful thoughts, dreams, hopes -whatever in this fine life of ours! :-) With the TV on, the mobile phone in one hand and the other hand writing down sudden thoughts and notes that I need to include on the bachelordegree – school paper, while both of my feet either trippin´in order to finish cardio/weightlifting a-s-a-p. Just stop. Breathe. And enjoy. With whomever you want, with whatever you´d like in whatever way you prefer. Even just for a while :-) And then you can continue

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