Grilling and monkey in the livingroom

Another day with a beautiful weather! Imagine my surprise when I realized I was picked up from school. Off we went straight back home to a warm and ever so sunny balcony. Oh, having a balcony is probably the best thing about this apartment. Seeing the tip of Norway´s biggest lake and with the mountains behind that scenery.. If you could only imagine :-) Anyways. Aksel found a huge slice of frozen meat in the freezer, so we figured it was time to use it in order to free some space. When Aksel cut the meat into smaller pieces, we learned that we had more than enough meat to portion ourselves, so we invited Elmoon to come over and join us. After heating up the grill and waiting a couple of minutes, with a lot of chit-chatting in the mean while, the dinner was served, and the three of us basically lost all our manners and attacked the dinner plate.
After dinner, the three of us quickly went inside and lay beside each other on the sofa, completely full. It didn´t take the boys too long to conclude that it suddenly was time to complete today´s workout. But me on the other hand has felt a little annoyed with my left knee this time. Since it´s cardio day, and I didn´t have the motivation to drive, by myself, all the way to the gym just to complete 30 minutes of boring bicycling, I figured I could use my new pink mat and do a workout of yoga. So I turned on the computer on the TV, grabbed my mat and actually enjoyed finishing almost 35 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga -just right here in the livingroom. This time, I followed this Youtube clip: here., but I´ve also completed a yoga workout with this clip here . Although some of the exercices are obviously for upper advanced levels, and I felt like a complete monkey turning one foot here, while trying to grab the other hand there, I have to admit that today´s workout gave me a real eye opener to yoga. I imagine myself putting yoga as one of my week´s 5 workouts, but we´ll see if that plan goes through. When I think about it, I think I´ve thought that thought once before, yet that thought/plan has obvisouly fallen apart somewhere along the way to the present. But I shall try! I promise you, some of the exercises (like standing up straight almost, only upside down, if you get the picture?) looks really really awesome, I would almost die of proud if this body of mine would be able to do anything even close to that in the future!

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