A sudden “the day before the day”

Well, as you probably know from my last post, my day started at around 02.30 in the early morning, if one can put it that way. Around 06.00, Aksel and I were ready to hit the fitness room and finish a sweaty, but amazing cardio, before we went in to the shower and ate at the breakfast buffet for, I would say, almost two hours actually. Great facilities, great food and great experiences! After that, we walked around, and around, and around, and around Mall of Asia -only finding our number one priority of buying several training stuff to be quite disappointing. Either because they didn´t have our wanted model, or because they didn´t have any wishable sizes.. Anyways..  We´ve also spent one and a half hours at the cinema, before the day took a sudden turn when Aksel and I began to realise that we´re most likely going to be our family´s drivers from Manila and up to another town, faar, faar away..From this point on the map, to our destined pointed is a hell of a lot unlogical traffic for such “unexperienced” drivers (when it comes to this kind of driving that is)………….. We tried a little go around the block, and I tell you guys, I was more nerveous than on my practical driving test… And I actually really fear that the car won´t be as shining and “whole” tomorrow as it is today……. So ehm, we should go to bed now and get really rested, because tomorrow will contain a tremendous size of stress which needs to be dealt in a most delicate and intelligent way as possible, so our tops needs to be well rested and ready for whatever that may come in our way tomorrow.. Like.. Seriously. And litterally. H-E-L-P.

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