Thursday afternoon

Hey guys :-) Work is done, daily chores are checked out of my to-do-list, and yet the most boring part of the day remains: studying. When the skies are blue and the sun is smiling directly towards our balcony it´s easy to get tempted in doing everything else than what you´re really supposed to do. So here I am, distracted once again *hehe*. I just wanted to tell a little something, something :-) The last week I´ve gotten the opportunity of really trying out the camera, taking pictures of everything, everywhere. If I remember correctly, I´ve managed to take close up to 1000 photos. Now, don´t worry, I won´t post all of them, only a couple of favourites just to illustrate the quality of the product ;-) They´re coming up on a post later today. this chapter on my history subject…. Enjoy the sun/the day wherever you are in this world, talk to you later sweethearts ♥

collage1 collage2

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