Hey guys! I´m sorry I´ve been kind of “off” lately. It´s the usual time stealing things, work, school, studying, training and lots of small daily chores just eating up all my spare time in between. We´ve also had in-law visitors, which has been lovely and all, but unfortunately, I don´t have the conscience to sit down with the blog on those days… I´m sure you understand :-) Anyways, it´s Friday, one out of three days of the week I usually get the time to really have a small doze of QT with my dearest blog. How have you been lately? I can see from my stats that there´s loyal readers out there, though few of you leaves any footprints (read: comments).

Over to something completely else. I thought I´d share some tips of my basic make-up, after all I do have made myself a “My recommendations”- category, which I suddenly realized could use some updating.


1. Well, as a start we can talk about my skin during these autumn, nearly winter days. The basic thing I need to do once every other week, is using this spraytan can, which is bought at Coverbrands. Because of my naturally brown skin, I use the “Chocolate” one, which is a dash darker than the original one. If I remember correctly, I bought this can somewhere at the start of 2014, and I still haven´t been in need of a refill, though I naturally haven´t used this during the sunny summer days. I usually use this after a late afternoon shower, and then I let it dry until the next morning. The best thing i that it doesn´t leave any bad smell. I am really, really happy with this product and will gladly recommend it to you, gals :-) Using this makes my everyday make-up a thousand times much easier. The “tanness” looks so even and natural, which I think is essential for that lacking extra “glow” now that the summer sun has said its goodbyes for this year. On lazy days, or even days where I´m short of time in the morning, I just put on a face moisturizer- and voilà! There won´t be need for anymore “painting” (as Aksel like to call the rest of the facial products, like foundtion, concealer etc.) *hehe*.

2. Then there´s the eyelash curler. Oh my goodness, I swear to all of you, the superficial part of my would never ever ever last a day longer if I wake up, and this little thing is missing. I cannot (!) live without this silly thing! It´s absolutely ridiculous, but it´s also absolutely true. My eyelashes are supershort, and I keep on imagening that I have these thick, Asian, eyelashes which makes them fall down so much faster when not using this little miracle. If I don´t have the time to do my lashes -or anything else for that matter- this is the really one thing I always find time to do. Always!

3. After all these years of hating my lashes, though buying one mascara after the other, only without ever being any satisfied, I´ve finally come across another God´s given gift to us silly women with thick, Asian eyelashes which keeps on falling down whenever there´s mascara on. The last years I´ve actually found myself putting less mascara on just to keep the lashes up! Strange? Stupid? Silly topic? Yes to all! This tiny loveliness bears the name of “Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof”. With this mascara, I can put on layers after layers without having to worry about the lashes falling down. I don´t know what kind of formula they´ve used, but what I´m telling you is incredibly true! I found it on the other side of the planet (the Philippines), and now that I´m back in Europe, I cannot find it anywhere! Neither in the shops, or on the internet. Only on ebay, so thank the heavenly Lord for ebay! Because this is the third must-have in my make-up bag!

4. 5.  Then there´s the brows. Oh, brows, brows, brows. I´ve always loved brows, in different sizes and shapes. And I guess this particular thing in the face have always been of great importance to me. The only problem is that I´ve been in serious lacking of this certain skill which makes the perfect eyebrows. Because for as long as I can remember, plucking my eyebrows has been a nightmare. I´ve always made them too short, too thin, too thick, too different from one another and so on, and so on. They´ve never ever been perfect! Until I discovered the use of brow pencils. I still have problems making them perfect, but at least now .. How should I put this.. I can hide this fact more easily ;-) To, so to say, cover the truth, I use two different brow pencils, and I combine it with a brow powder in the colour “raven” (also bought at Coverbrands).


Et voilà, there you have my absolute must-haves for my daily make-up. Hopefully you liked some or even all of my tips! :-) If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me. Wish you a lovely start to your weekend, cupcakes and lovely doves! ♥


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