Last night in NO before IT!

For those who didn´t quite catch it from the title: Norway and Italy. :-)

We are now settled in our hotel room, and we have exactly 6 hours to sleep before the breakfast. After that we´ll have to hurry to the airport to catch our flight towards Milan. *iiih!* We´re so excited! And if I am excited, I can´t imagine the size of Aksel´s butterflies in his tummy :-)! We have one hand luggage each, plus our usual pink Samsonite large one. I don´t really know how, but somehow, put together all of the kilos, we only have 5 kg left on our return flight.. Girls? Anyhow, I´ve already started on my usual babbling, so I´ll just stop myself right there. Wish you a very pleasant (flight? no) Saturday, enjoy it! :-) And I´ll make sure to update when the possibility presents itself. Good night!



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