My first GIF collage

*Yay!* It´s Friday! Being the day that it is today, isn´t a reason alone for smiling, but having a new episode of Norwegian Idol, plus finally some goody-good carbs in our today´s dinner; easily makes this the best day I´ve had this week so far. Grocery shopping, doing a quick-fix with the apartment´s weekend cleaning is all check, check, check! After a superlong day at school, I again, wasn´t feeling too happy heading straight over to the gym. But as always, being the solid rock that he is, Aksel motivates me. Thank – God – for this man, truly! :-) *hehe* For the rest of the weekend, we´ve got no other solid plans than reading and concentrating about our coming exam. We´ve also planned for two rest days after pushing our limits really hard at the gym recently. I can actually say, with my hand to my heart, that I´ve also experienced coming home Some days, after a day´s workout, thinking to myself: “goodness. What meaningful is there left to do today?” *haha!* OK, that´s not completely true, but I guess what I´m really trying to say, is that I do have an understanding for people finding themselves at the gym for the second, third time during the very same day! Training is fun when working towards goals, and feeling all the healthy advantages come along. Well, enough workout talk. You must be sick of it already, and so I´ll seal my lips on that matter for now ;-)

Over to something else: Like others, I´ve gone completely crazy on Tumblr. My phone batterly lives and breathes for this silly app nowadays. And like the excuse of many others; it´s so incredibly full of inspiration! One thing I´ve wanted do to for so long, is making a collage containing both photos and GIFs. My (!), oh my what a real trouble this has made me go through… I sat with this a little more than two hours yesterday. Joking put set aside, this was seriously making me nuts..! It is with few exceptions I don´t want to tear my hair off whenever I open my Photoshop… But, anyhow! Here it finally is, I did it, I managed it, I survived it, look! I am soo satisfied! Now that I´ve gotten the hang of it, this will not be the last of it you´ll see on this girl´s blog, to put it that way ;-) Well, now Idol awaits on the TV. I´ve got to go. Whatever plans you have, wish you the best start to your weekend, honey bees and pumpkin pies!

See you again tomorrow, xoxo -E ♥

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