Sunday- needs

Hey, gorgeous! A pretty late morning post, wouldn´t you say? Well, here comes the very truth. We went to bed just when the clock passed midnight yesterday, and the whole family actually slept until twelve this “morning”! *hehe* It feels so incredibly good to hear the sleeping breaths of both two- legged and four- legged on a Sunday morning. It´s simply something daily-life, magical, unexplainable about it -to put it in a dramatical way ;-)

Breakfast has been served a while ago, and so we´re waiting for the food to digest before all of us are going out. At this very moment, it´s actually raining outside, but that doesn´t stop this family. In the meanwhile, I´ll finish going through my new magazine of “Det Nye” before I´ll perhaps start on early European history. . Two weeks or so  until the exam, and I kind of feel all over the place with the subject´s curriculum. Goodness, this isn´t me at all, but I did however wish for a more relaxed attitude towards achievements. . . *hmm.. luxury problem, yes* Hope you´re all doing well!


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